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I had dreamt of being an artist all my life but work and life get in the way of dreams sometimes. So, I went on with life, work, family and all of the things. 


When my family was well set on their own paths, I decided to go back to school. I decided to study at the Art Institute of Seattle, but the courses were very technical and seemed only focused on getting students ready for animation or video game careers.  I also took classes at Pratt Fine Arts Center along with any free classes and videos I could find!  In doing this, I was able to hone my skills in a variety of mediums as well as discover so many things about myself as an artist. 


I absolutely fell in love with movement in art, abstracts and expressionism that you can't look away from. 


My style grew with a palette knife and thick globs of acrylic paint. I love textures and shapes but most of all I love color! I love color that inspires and makes you feel strong emotions, even joy.


I continued to create whenever I could but quickly got back into life, work and family after school was over.


Then, in 2020, like the rest of the population, life and work changed for me. Family grew closer which was wonderful however, I found myself with time and resources to paint - and paint I did!!!


I painted on old kitchen cabinets and painted on pieces of wood before getting my hands on REAL CANVAS!! I created an entire series on these mediums and with old house paint!!  These pieces remain some of my favorites.


But then, in Southern California, word came that the beaches would be closed, and I felt so overwhelmed. We weren't going to be able to go for walks on the strand, cruise or even just sit in the sand at a safe distance.  Right away, I went to all my favorite spots before they were off limits. 


It was crazy. All I saw was color and movement and an opportunity to create a series I call my COASTAL COLLECTION.


With pictures, memories and online references, I painted these pieces of our nearly empty beaches and beach towns in as inspiring and uplifting colors as I could. It was so therapeutic that it sent me on a path that I remain on today.  Colors so vibrant that I don't want to look away!  


Since 2020 I have created a body of work that has been celebrated in galleries and auctioned for great causes but most of all many pieces now live in some of my collectors' homes and offices.  Their continued support and appreciation for what I create is my driving force.   

I am humble and in awe of all art and artist's and all they create and feel honored to be able to list this as "what I do".  It is "what I am" and it is a dream come true!


Colleen is an American artist who explores a mix of abstract with a touch of realism. Born in Seattle, she has lived in London, Montana, and now lives and works in Los Angeles. Her journey from an accomplished travel career to fine art shows brightly in her content. Working mainly in acrylics she enjoys bringing her work into the digital world and printing on interesting mediums.  She brings amazing color into each piece and creates intrigue with each touch of realism.  Her passion is evident in her work.   

Picture of Artist Colleen J Flynn
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